What’s taking you so long?!

No one has actually used those words, but I know it’s behind a lot of the “how is the adoption process going?” questions ūüôā ¬†To be honest, I had no idea it would be taking us this long either.

The short answer is, we’re still interviewing agencies. ¬†If you’d like to hear the long answer, keep reading…

Over two years ago, I started researching agencies online and there were only a few doing adoptions from the country from which we’d like to adopt our child. ¬†We were still ¬†waiting to see if God was going to bless us with another biological child (Abby) or if we should move forward with adoption. ¬†Well sure enough, God wanted to give me one more sweet baby in my belly before He gave us the one born in my heart (more on that journey in another post to come).

We took a little break from researching and then last year we started once again investigating agencies. ¬†It’s amazing what can happen in a couple of years!

We have been looking for an agency that we feel like we can trust; one that has good, reputable contacts in the country and who understand the culture.

We are now down to two agencies. ¬†We’re contacting all of the references that they’ve sent us. ¬†It’s been great to talk with other families who’ve adopted from the country. ¬†Each experience/story is different, but how amazing it is to hear about God placing children in FOREVER homes!

We’re hoping to choose our agency within the next month, so please pray for God’s wisdom as we make this important decision!