Time to Exhale

The last month has been a whirlwind!  I did a craft show every weekend in November and I am totally exhausted.  The shows are not really that physically demanding. Instead, it’s the late hours I spent hovered over my sewing machine and the countless times, I smiled and shared the details of our adoption journey that really depleted me both physically and emotionally. I saw my doctor for a host of ailments this month and have decided that it’s time to relax.  My kids don’t want to hear the word “craft show” ever again.  They just want to play with their mommy.  And their mommy just wants to play with them.

Financially, we made close to $4000, which is almost exactly the amount we needed for our first adoption installment.  But aside from the finances, we had the opportunity to speak to people about opening our hearts and our home to another little one via adoption.  I met so many other adoptive parents who encouraged and inspired me.  But I also met and talked with people who “didn’t get it”, and I believe God gave me the opportunity to share a little about what He is about: the orphan and the widow.

Another amazing blessing from all of this is that Roger and I got to spend time working toward a common goal and we didn’t kill each other!  In fact, we didn’t even fight.  I had him ruffling and stuffing bags, ironing appliqués, and driving all over creation to deliver the goods.  Sometimes I take for granted what a gift God has given me.  This month has reminded me what a servant Roger is and how glad I am to be married to him.

As for the kids, I know this month was hard on them.  B and C both had days at school when they were acting up which is uncharacteristic of them.  And A has been pretty clingy and wants her Mama.  However, this was just a season and I think it was good for them to see Roger and me striving and straining to bring in money for the adoption.  I want them to understand that together we are going to work hard to bring home their little brother.  B has already begun talking about ways she can make money to help with the adoption costs.  I want their world to grow and be bigger than the bubble we live in.  I want them to understand that they play a part in bringing him home through their own sacrifices.  But most of all, I want them to stand in awe of God and His ability to provide for our needs.  I want them to really KNOW Philippians 4:19 “And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus”.  He will provide.  Roger and I have said, if He needs to turn the carpet into cash, He can do it… and He will!

Now that the craft shows are behind us, we’ve been plugging away at our home study and beginning to gather other documents needed in the adoption process.  It’s a slow tedious process, but I guess this is kind of like our first trimester. I can’t wait for the second trimester… the “ultrasound”, better known as our referral (when they match us with a child).

Until he is home….