NEW Vintage Style Adult T-shirts


We are so excited to show you our latest product from Goody Goody Gum Drops!  We designed these Vintage Style T-shirts to help raise money for our adoption.  They are $35 and come in unisex sizes XXS-3XL.  We’re hoping to have toddler shirts soon.

If you’d like to order, you may either go to our Facebook page and send a message or comment on a photo:

Or you can also order from our new store at:

Please also feel free to send us a message and tell us what you think!  Thank you!!!

sparrowshirt-1 anchorshirt crossshirtlilyshirt-1


Go Team! New Racerback Tanks!

Go Team! Racerback Tanks $16


Go Bucs! Ohio State Raceback Tank $16

IMG_1145 IMG_1146


Go Cats! University of Kentucky Racerback Tank $16

IMG_1147 IMG_1148


Go Vols! University of Tennessee Racerback Tank $16

IMG_1150 IMG_1151 IMG_1152

Sham Rock On!



We keep rockin’ on here at the Johnson house!  I’ve been busy with St. Patrick’s Day and baby gift orders while Roger enjoys getting settled into the new job he started at the beginning of the year.  I recently had a little health scare that turned out to be nothing serious.  The kids are getting over the stomach virus, and we just turned in some major adoption paperwork.  All in all, life is very good.

At this point in the adoption process we have filled out a ton of paperwork and now we just wait.  We are so close to the point in which we can be matched with a child that I feel a little bit like I did when I was trying to get pregnant with my other three.  Instead of running to the Dollar Store to get a pregnancy test every month, I check my email/mail like a mad woman.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we continue on this adoption journey!