Not So Simple


Before the school year started, I promised Roger that I was going to keep life simple this fall.  Only 2 craft shows and my priorities were going to be making good meals for our family and focusing on reading and school work with the kids. After all of the craziness of four craft shows in four weekends last fall, I knew that my family and I needed me to focus on a few things and do them well.

It was a nice idea.

It’s mid-October and I am now Brooke’s class Room Mom, leading a Bible study, taking a class about Israel, Caleb and Brooke are both taking Spanish class and playing soccer, Roger is Brooke’s coach, Abby is in dance, I’m in a group for moms of preschoolers (MOPS) twice a month and now I’m preparing for two craft shows.  So much for the simple life.

Now for an adoption update.  Since we received our referral in August we really haven’t received much news.  We know that our agency is working hard for us in the country we are adopting from. Hopefully in the next two months we will pass court and our little guy will officially become a Johnson!  After passing court, we still have to go through the American investigation process in country which takes 3-6 months.  So we are still looking at at least another 5-8 months until we can bring him home.

In the mean time, we are focusing on adoption education, saving money, making money,  praying for our little guy and the busy life we currently lead with the three amazing little people God has already blessed us with.

If you’d like to see what I’ve been working on for the craft shows, you can visit my shop on Facebook

or if you’re not on Facebook, I’ll be updating my Storenvy site soon!

or you can check out Etsy soon to see my items.  Thanks for looking!


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