It’s been TOO long!

I’m so sorry that I haven’t updated the blog since February! A lot has happened, and yet it seems like not much has happened too. In March, we found out that we passed court and our son legally become our’s! We are so thrilled to say that he is now a part of our family! Since then, we have been waiting on documents to come in so that we can apply for his American Visa (he can’t enter the USA without one). As of right now, we are waiting for them to arrive any day so that we can travel to his country and apply.

There are a lot of rumors flying around that kids may be able to come home soon. We would be THRILLED if this is the case. We can’t wait to hold him in our arms and love and kiss on him!

Packing has been fun and difficult at the same time. How do you pack for a child you’ve never held and are not sure what size he is, what he likes to eat and what he likes to play with? Of course, I’ve probably gone overboard, but it is so fun to imagine him wearing adorable outfits and playing with toys his brother and sisters picked out for him.

Also, we will be staying in an apartment most of the time we are there, so we’ve had to pack all of our own food. This wouldn’t be that difficult, except for the fact that my husband gets severe migraines from preservatives. RAMAN NOODLES ARE THE DEVIL! So we’ll be eating a lot of Clif Bars, peanut butter and canned chicken… Oh, and Oreos!