Sun Blessed

I meant to share this last week, but have been too busy to sit down and write this.

In the Spring of 2013, after we lost our little boy, Blaise, who we were trying to adopt from the Congo, our friend Karen gave us a beautiful gift. She gave us a yellow rose bush that was called “Sun Blessed”. This was the perfect way for us to honor and remember the little boy that was so briefly in our life in pictures, but forever in our hearts as a son. We planted the rose bush and enjoyed it’s beautiful yellow blooms for the past two summers.

This winter we had several hard freezes and many of our plants looked like they were struggling. A friend’s parents stopped by one day. They both happen to have very green thumbs and were surveying the yard, letting us know which plants were well and which ones were dead. One plant that I had given up hope on, they proclaimed would be just fine. However, our beloved yellow, Sun Blessed, rose bush, they pronounced dead. They had no idea how much it meant to us and said we should go ahead and tear it out and plant something else.

Both Roger and I were heartsick. We had cherished this gift and felt terrible that it was no longer alive.

For the next couple of weeks, I decided that I was going to continue watering it. I did it out of habit, not giving it much thought. Then, the week before last, as I was enjoying the few minutes of quiet that I get while watering my plants, I started praying and asking God if He would be so kind as to bring that plant back from the dead: to make it bloom again. I know God has much more important things to concern Himself with, but I’ve learned in recent years that He cares about the big and the small. He wants to hear from us.

So I kept on praying and asking God if He would bring that plant back to life. One day, I was even so bold as to ask if He did bring it back, would it please be a sign that Daniel was coming home soon. Now I don’t want to make God out to be a liar, by putting ultimatums out there, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask.

So last week as I was watering and praying, I looked down at the rose bush and low and behold, there were the tiniest green leaves sprouting from the base of the bush.

It’s alive! I know it may seem silly to some people, but this answered prayer brought me more joy and renewed hope than I can describe. God was reminding me that He brings dead things back to life. He makes beauty from ashes.

We have mourned the loss of Blaise, and all of the children who have died senselessly because of poverty and disease. But God is doing a new thing. He’s brining another little boy home to our family.

And who knows? Maybe God will answer that second prayer and bring Daniel home as the bush is blooming. But even if He doesn’t, I’m so grateful for a God that cares about the details and answers prayers so specifically and beautifully, and who brings beauty from ashes.


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